Food and Drink


Food at Amalgam

Our lead caterers Alex and Elli are hard at work crafting a delicious menu that will keep hungry tums at bay! Drawing on their experiences catering and eating at past rallies they are taking inspiration from the best rally meals to draw up the Amalgam menu. 

Amalgam is a chance for everyone to join together from SSAGO and SAGGA past and present and so we are sure there will be many catch ups happening over meal times. To enable everyone to enjoy this time together we are keen to ensure the food we serve you is not only inclusive of any dietary requirements you may have, but also tasty! If you have any particular dietary requirements or concerns that you'd like to discuss before booking, please send us an email at to discuss your requirements. 

A summary of the menu is at the bottom of this page.


Drinks at Amalgam

We will have a variety of soft drinks, teas and coffee available as self service throughout the weekend. Water will also be freely available across the site. Please be aware that you will need to provide your own cups.

We also hope to have a bar selling a range of soft and alcoholic drinks in the evenings.